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We at Indus Construction are veterans of the construction industry, having been in the field for all of our working lives. We've learned the business from the ground up; from starting out as the hired help at local hardware stores to maintaining our education during school to years of on-the-job training. We have essentially never stopped learning, growing and improving the way we do business.

Who Are We?

We started as carpenters and earned our positions as Lead Carpenters, Forman, Supervisors, and Managers.

We have built and worked on many projects including Custom Homes, Production Homes, Commercial Buildings, Home Improvements, Remodeling, Renovating, Restoring, and Housing Maintenance.

We have managed or supervised anywhere from 6 to 35 employees, worked with Unions, and countless Sub-Contractors, and consider our construction knowledge, organization skills, and communication skills to be our greatest assets.

We pride ourselves on treating all projects  with the same respect and detail regardless of size, from Home Repairs, Kitchen and Bath Renovations, and Additions, to building 360 Homes per  year, and managing and maintaining 1500 Military Family Housing Units.

We are a Certified Building Contractor ( # CBC1254299 ) in the State of Florida. We have lived in the Palm Bay/Melbourne area for over 25 years and are fully Insured.

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